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Review Vacancy

Date Posted 10/24/13

Applications Due11/06/13

Vacancy ID10589

AgencyState Comptroller, Office of the

TitleInvestigative Auditor

Occupational CategoryOther Professional Careers

Salary GradeNS

Bargaining UnitM/C - Management / Confidential (Unrepresented)

Salary RangeFrom $101149 to $127794 Annually

Employment Type Full-Time

Appointment Type Temporary

Jurisdictional Class Exempt Class

Travel Percentage 50%

Workweek Mon-Fri

Hours Per Week 37.50


From 9 AM

To 5 PM

Flextime allowed? No

Mandatory overtime? Yes

Compressed workweek allowed? No

Telecommuting allowed? No

County New York

Street Address 59 Maiden Lane

City New York


Zip Code10038

Minimum Qualifications a) Ten years of full-time experience as a municipal police officer of which 5 years must have been at the rank of Lieutenant or above supervising staff assigned to perform detective/ investigative duties; and,
b) Five years of full-time experience in conducting and supervising fraud investigations and audits, and;
c) The authority to carry and conceal a firearm in New York State and under the federal Law Enforcement Officers’ Safety Act (see Special Note ), and;
d) Possession of a valid NYS driver’s license (see Special Note).

Special Note: Must maintain c) and d) as a condition of employment.

Duties Description Incumbent will direct, supervise, or perform confidential investigations concerning actual or alleged fraud, waste, abuse, or corruption within or related to fulfilling the statutory and constitutional responsibilities of the Comptroller.
The incumbent shall:
• Supervise and review the quality of the work and methods used by staff members assigned to an investigation.
• Review and approve the time frame within which investigations are conducted.
• Determine the priority of cases, deciding which cases should be investigated as having a greater potential for fraud.
• Assist in the development of a mechanism for reporting to OSC allegations/concerns about fraud, waste, mismanagement and/or corruption regarding all aspects of state and local government.
• Review internal and external audit reports to identify potential investigations; work closely with the Office of Intergovernmental and Community Relations, and OSC’s auditing units to identify areas of greatest risk.
• Conduct searches using public records from the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Office of Court Administration, and other federal, state and local agencies. Uses databases and search tools such as Lexis Nexis Accruint and Clear.
• Evaluate risk to assess OSC’s vulnerability to loss resulting from unauthorized use of resources.
• Conduct investigations of alleged or known malfeasance.
o Review complaints and determine feasibility of an investigation
o Plan strategy to be used in investigations
o Offer investigative tools and experience to OSC’s divisions to assist them in identifying evidence of fraud and corruption.
o Conduct investigation using standard investigative techniques
- Interrogate suspects and witnesses
- Conduct surveillances
- Prepare written reports
• Review internal and external fraud and abuse controls to determine effectiveness and efficiency by conducting test audits.
• Draft recommendations for correcting deficiencies in the internal/external fraud and abuse control methods.
• Testify at administrative hearings and in court on matters arising from investigations conducted.
• Maintain accurate investigative records for prosecution and/or disciplinary action.
• Prepare reports for issuance by the Division of Investigations to the Comptroller outlining the results of investigations and recommending courses of action. Recommendations may include possible disciplinary, criminal, or civil action.
• Provide training to the Office of Internal Audit staff members for incorporating fraud detection techniques in their financial and management audit assignments.
• Act as liaison with the Legal Division of OSC relating to investigative matters.
• Interact with other investigative or law enforcement personnel regarding ongoing investigations or results of investigations; when necessary, forward results of investigation to the appropriate local, state or federal law enforcement authorities.
• When the situation warrants, work closely with the appropriate District Attorney to bring the investigation to the point of prosecution.
• Act as liaison with the Office of Human Resources (OHR) for conducting pre-employment background investigations on candidates for high-profile positions or in cases where candidate has provided derogatory information during the application process. May assist OHR in conducting investigations concerning labor relations issues.
• Assists the OSC Office of Internal Audit in conducting audits and fraud investigations.
• Escort agency staff to audit sites to ensure their well-being when safety concerns are raised.

Additional Comments • excellent communication skills;
• high moral character and ethical standards;
• thorough law enforcement knowledge;
• the ability to professionally interact with high-level municipal officials and local law enforcement;
• skill in conducting investigations concerning fraud and malfeasance;
• physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.

Some positions may require additional credentials or a background check to verify your identity.

Name Courtney Bernard



Email Address


Street 110 State Street, 12th Floor

City Albany

State NY

Zip Code 12236


Notes on ApplyingInterested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to no later than November 6, 2013. Please reference Item #00162-GOER-CB when responding.
When responding, please include the reference number and letters listed in this section. The GOER ID # should not be included.

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